A caveman’s holiday: the plans

Wow! Someone +1’d that last post where I’d complained about people pretending I’m a lamppost! Do I have a regular follower? Cheers, mate!

There are roughly two weeks to go before my two-week holiday starts. I’m probably, definitely, absolutely, being selfish, but I don’t want to visit my parents this time. Going home would mean endless forced visits to the homes of relatives, endless interrogations about how my PhD is going (Ohmigod!!!) and when I would land a job (Soon! Soon! Now give me an effing break!), and whoosh would go in a puff of smoke any chance I had of dumping all the misery I’ve accumulated here. Being introverted is such a pain! (I need a hug!)

What am I going to do, then? Well…

Week 1:

A. Avoid all human contact (I AM A LAMPPOST!).

B. Ride. A lot. Like a hundred kilometers each day. I’m not the strongest rider out there, but I’m tough. I think. Or maybe it’s just the immortality of youth speaking. 😛

I have the routes charted out, with the bakeries marked with little pink hearts (kidding about the pink hearts.) and will be writing about them if all goes well.

C. Walk around Bangalore. I keep hearing about these prehistoric bookshops. It’d be great to visit them and be weird all by myself!

D. No science-shmience. I probably should have studied literature, or history, or engineering. Ah, crap!

E. Maybe sit quietly in a quiet corner of a cafe and read. The list’s grown long with all these Bengali writers I’ve been reading lately.

F. Write. Maybe. If in the mood. Unlikely. Or likely? Dunno.

Week 2:

Ditto as week 1, only point B involves my portable gymnasium (read resistance tubes) and point C happens in New Delhi. Would I be writing about Delhi? Maybe. Maybe not. Nobody reads the rubbish I spew anyway!

Next on the list: Get cracking at those final thesis requirements! Maybe being treated like a lamppost won’t smart so much after the holiday.


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