“Oh, he speaks, too??”

“You’re very quiet. Is something wrong?”

“He’s one arrogant smart-ass.”

As a man who is naturally shy and withdrawn, I get that a lot. One of the banes of existing in a society of boisterous extroverts in our brave new world, I suppose. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They say the truth.

I write for fun, not really expecting any appreciation or praise. I know I have a long way to go, and there are people out there whose command of the English language is a gazillion times better than mine. But my heart does do some impressive cartwheels and pirouettes when I see one or two +1’s on the list of posts on my humble blog. “Ah, at least one person liked what I wrote!” Your +1, my friend, makes my day. 🙂

I could write a lot better if I received some criticism and comments, though. So, um, feel free, maybe? I have the rarest of the rare superpowers. I listen.


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