The Force is okay with this one.

Nostalgia. Pure and simple. From the swelling opening score to right down to the holographic chessboard on the Millenium Falcon, nostalgia’s what it was.

Abrams-saab lifts us from the drudgery of the three mildly disappointing prequels, to take us on a roller-coaster ride of intrigue, emotions and humour that, thankfully, does not look forced. The feeling the movie left in my gut was a lot like what I felt after watching Episode IV for the first time. The charm was not in the stunning tech and the staggering visuals of that galaxy so far, far away. I was riveted by the fact that it was a fairy tale set in space- complete with tales of astounding bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, and rife with struggles that were all too human.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is packed with plenty of that human element. Take Kylo Ren of the First Order (A kind of galactic Third Reich.). Despite the fact that he’s inherited Darth Vader’s penchant for a menacing piece of headgear, and that his voice sounds all muffled, deep and darkly malevolent, AND that he carries a lethal-looking lightsabre, WHERE is that cold fury, that sheer sinisterness of the Sith lord that Vader had been? Young Kylo’s a troubled and snotty teenager with severe tantrum issues. He’s undeniably human, and a villain who’s not exactly villainous.

But he’s got some serious training coming his way, so maybe he’d bear the mantle of the dark lord of the Sith a little better next time.

Rey, on the other hand, with her pretty smile, the quaint British accent and feisty badassery, instantly became my newest crush. She carries the torch of the Jedi order well.

The man who completes the feeling of overwhelming nostalgia is Han Solo. The one and the only. I think this is the first time we see the real man underneath that glib smuggler- a man that leaves your heart heavy with emotions.

Fear not, dear reader, there will be no spoilers on this blog. I just had to scratch my writerly itch a bit. Go watch the movie. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste.


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